Welcome to the Ilmishka Duniya Family

Some of life’s sweetest memories happen when you take time to do what you care about the most. Since 2017, we have been a steady Media & Entertainment Network, giving viewers & creators of all ages the chance to create & experience world class independent film, theatre & arts through our wide range of entertainment platforms options. At IMDC Network | The Ilmishka Duniya Cinema family, we want you to laugh, smile, and play while you create . This Platform is designed to let creators, Filmmakers & independent artists explore our diverse range of platforms & services they can use to take their creative content to the global audience. Designed for films, stage plays, live events, masterclass, workshops, virtual festivals, sports, music & more.


Host LIVE Events Online

Livestream your stage plays, theatre productions, shows, music events, talk sessions, seminars, performances, online classes, workshops & more at our Amphitheatre

Host your event on the Amphitheatre. You focus on making your event a success while we look after the rest. We provide live production studio, crew, technology, event virtual venue, ticketing & secure live stream support to your event. We have a diverse range of creator friendly freemium plans. Browse & Choose the right plan that suits your event. Then Place your  booking request online. Pay later after booking confirmation.


Release Your Film Online

Release your short, feature length fiction or non fiction films worldwide on Silverscreen

7 Day Worldwide Release | 80%Creator stakes| Virtual Cinema Experience
Short Films, Feature Films & Documentaries releasing every week on the Silverscreen. Worldwide audience. Creator friendly release. Buy a ticket and watch on our silverscreeen, online. Supports Screencast. Available across  all device on the web

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Apply as Creator Affiliate

Are you a blogger, Vlogger or online content creator? Do you have a flair for changing the world? If you can create amazing contents , then we will help you earn. Apply for the Creator Affiliate Programme*

If selected we provide the creator affiliate with their own monetised white label blogging platforms under the IMDC affiliation and a one year mentorship Program to get their online creator careers started. This is an initiative to promote independent creators and powerful contents  worldwide.

*T&C Apply


Make Your Film with Us

Tailor-Made Solutions for that perfect shot. Film Services from Ilmishka Duniya Cinem

We produce and also provide production facilities (including creative support , pre production expertise, post production services) for both fiction and non fiction content that falls in the category of Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, advertisement films, Web Sketches, Web Seriese, Documentary films that cater to online and offline Entertainment. We also provide services to content producers, Filmmakers and creators in distributing there films digitally to VOD/ TVOD / Satellite Platforms. Talk to us for a quote /Oppourtunity