Creator Affiliate Program*

If your contents can shake the world, we will help you make a living out of it. For Writers, Bloggers, News Bloggers, Vloggers, Youtubers, Independent Artists, Performers, Content Creators

Selected affiliates get IMDC affiliated custom built monetised platforms best suited to their needs along with a 1 year mentorship program to help them start earning from their works. Affiliates are reviewed every year on basis of their performance.

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Apply for Creator Affiliate Program

Please fill in the application carefully. Avoid type errors in the longer descriptions. Carefully plan you response before you enter them here because those responses will be the basis on which your application’s success depends

*By filling out this application you understand that just sending this application alone won’t guarantee your seat in the affiliate program. If your application meets the guidelines you will be notified. This programme does not have any application fees and is evaluated on the basis of the merit of the responses alone. 

* Terms & Conditions Apply


Application Guidelines

See who are eligible to apply for this program

  • Bloggers, News Bloggers, Writers, Food Bloggers, Travel bloggers, Video Bloggers

  • Authors, Journalists, Columnists, Independent Journalists, Journalists for social change

  • Video content creators, youtubers,

  • Independent Artists who wish to earn from their work

  • Performers

  • Podcasters


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