Our FAQs

Do I have to use your live streaming production studio to host an event? Can I use my own live production technology & crew to host a event here?

Yes you can use your own Live Setup. We will provide you with the custom destination links & stream keys to host your event with spot ticket booking option. For advance ticket you will have to provide us with your secure custom livestream player  url . You don’t pay any live production charges. You keep 70% of your net revenue.

What if my event needs more than 4 cameras & Custom requirements? Can I book that here?

Yes, if there are specific requirements that your event needs you can submit a custom booking with the Broadcaster Plans. We will get back to you with a quote. Our Live Studio supports upto 9 camera inputs, 2 Live Guest Join in from any part of the world, pre recorded media play out options & more. If you need something more, we can add them on


Kolkata, India

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