Host your event on the Amphitheatre. You focus on making your event a success while we look after the rest. We provide live production studio, crew, technology, event virtual venue, ticketing & secure live stream support to your event. We have a diverse range of creator friendly freemium plans. Browse & Choose the right plan that suits your event. Then Place your  booking request online. Pay later after booking confirmation.

  • BasicLive Studio+Streaming+Spot Tickets (Price + 20% of Net Revenue)

    12,000 Indian rupees
  • BasicLive Studio+Streaming+Adv,Spot Tickets (Price+20%of Net Revenue)

    19,000 Indian rupees
  • Pro Live Studio+Streaming+Spot Tickets (Price+20% of Net Revenue)

    23,000 Indian rupees
  • ProLive Studio+Streaming+Adv, Spot Tickets (Price+20% of Net Revenue)

    29,000 Indian rupees
  • Upto 9 CAM Studio setup, Live Stream, Advance & Spot Tickets

    Price on Request
  • Secure Live Streaming & Spot Tickets. You do your own live production

    30 % of Net Revenue
  • Live Streaming,Advance+Spot Tickets. Your own live production.

    7,500 Indian rupees